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How to Spawnkill on every map

Youtuber Skittlz go over every spot that he know of in every map in Rainbow Six Siege.

TOP 5 Pro TIPS & TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial)

Youtube Thug Lyfe Gaming list his 5 best pro tips for Rainbow Six Siege players. TIP ONE (Cam Breach) TIP TWO (Lone Wolfing) TIP THREE (Safe Strafe) TIP FOUR (Peeping...

In Depth: KANAL Map Tips & Tricks

Dont miss iceycat25 in depth guide to the map Kanal. Attacker Spawns - :27 Camera Positions - 2:23 Trapdoor Locations - 3:37 Defender Spawns - 4:57 General Walkthrough - 10:24 Drone Spots:...

House Bomb strategies with KiXSTAr

Learn everything about the map House with the ex pro player KiXSTAr that played for OrbitGG and now work as a ESL commentator, streamer, and youtuber....