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Glaz OP! – Rainbow Six Siege

Upload at 720 because of the intro. Oh well Check out the dangleberries -https://www.youtube.com/user/HuntThemDownPS3 disfigure - blank rock that s#%&

Noob Hunting – Rainbow Six Siege

I had to reupload. Hopefully this time there will be no disruptive copyright. I find a true level 1 in casual and I follow them...

This Worked in Ranked? – Rainbow Six Siege

Ps4 strats define the meta for pro league! disfigure - blank

The Worst Fort Ever! – Fortnite

I'll post a rainbow six siege video tomorrow and work on a ps4 video for thursday and saturday! Evan Braddock Fortnite the worst fort...

Toxic Caveira Bait! – Rainbow Six Siege

This is an upgrade from the AFK troll bait. You down all your teamates with caveira and then wait for the rush. This works...

The Worst Shield Strat – Rainbow Six Siege

Battlegrounds video tomorrow most likely. PC siege video hopefully sunday! I need a break from ps4 Use shields with suppressed pistols and only hip fire....

The Worst Squad Ever! – Fortnite

Fortnite battle royal with evan braddock and the meme team aka the worst squad ever! All I have to say about fortnite is shotguns...

Worst Hiding Spot Ever! – Rainbow Six Siege

Basically 30 frames the entire video rip! disfigure - blank

4k 4k 4k – Rainbow Six Siege

Longer video with a bunch of tommy aces aka anything but an ace. A lot of 4ks late upload disfigure - Blank

RANKED IS FIXED! – Rainbow Six Siege

Back to ranked. For those against spawnkilling just remember. The attackers get 45 seconds to drone before they spawn and they can pick their...