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Extreme Strats – Rainbow Six Siege

Way to many team kills in 1 day. I deserve the ban but maybe not for 7 days. It was casual. disfigure - blank extreme...

4k 4k 4k – Rainbow Six Siege

Longer video with a bunch of tommy aces aka anything but an ace. A lot of 4ks late upload disfigure - Blank

Random Moments – Rainbow Six Siege

I tried doing a theme for this video but got bored after getting a clip or two. Then I would move on to the...

Glaz OP! – Rainbow Six Siege

Upload at 720 because of the intro. Oh well Check out the dangleberries -https://www.youtube.com/user/HuntThemDownPS3 disfigure - blank rock that s#%&

No T-bag – Rainbow Six Siege

To many people t-bagging or shaking their head no in the first round. They don't realize that some people aren't trying as hard as...

Hiding w/ the Hostage – Rainbow Six Siege

Grab the hostage in under 30 seconds then hide for as long as possible! click8 m8 u gonna h8 Disfigure - blank

Thermite Hot Breach – Rainbow Six Siege

Most unexpected strats out there. Pro league can thank me later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Don’t Trust Rook – Rainbow Six Siege

Who knew one rook t-bagging can cause so much havoc! Disfigure - Blank

Frost Mat Strat – Rainbow Six Siege

Thanks to everyone who subscribes and watches my videos! I am extremely thankful for the opportunity you all have given me!

Refuse 2 Fuze – Rainbow Six Siege

I took a break from youtube this past week so sorry for not uploading! If anyone has render settings for sony vegas 14 please...