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The Ultimate Bait in Rainbow Six Siege

Why place your gu mines in a pile when you could make a beautiful tower! disfigure - blank superman theme

Shield Meta is Back in Rainbow Six Siege

Monty, Blitz, Fuze and Recruits is all you need... and some hype music blasting through someones mic going up the country - canned heat

Friendly Monty OP in Rainbow Six Siege

GIGN is the most friendly by far... You got rook/doc then of course our favorite friendly mountain Monty! Twitch is the only tryhard but...

Rube Goldberg Machine in Rainbow Six Siege

The worst and the best way to use Nomad in rainbow six siege! Rube Goldberg is my father disfigure - blank

Nomad Claymore Trap in Rainbow Six Siege

I've been trying this for the past week only for Ubi to give nomad claymores .... disfigure - blank Undertale theme

Gu Mine SpawnTrap in Rainbow Six Siege

The new throwing mechanics in Siege are getting out of hand. If Bushes Baked Beans wants to sponsor me I'm always available :) disfigure - blank #RainbowSixSiege...

Anchor Meta is Back in Rainbow Six Siege

Kaid makes anchoring on site viable again and Tachanka is just Tachanka.... maybe a rework soon disfigure - blank #EvanBraddock #RainbowSixSiege

Bullying w/ Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege

The Blitz elite is out!!!! Working on a Tachanka video next disfigure - blank zombie nation kernkraft remix say something I'm giving up on you Spongebob theme -...

Best Hiding Spot on Fortress in Rainbow Six Siege

I'm getting a silent keyboard soon so no more annoying clicks in my videos. I'm working on a few ps4 videos so expect them...

Playing Against HACKERS in Rainbow Six Siege (TS Gameplay)

Sorry for the lack of uploads... didn't want to burn myself out before the new season dropped. I'm gonna be back on the grind!...