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Worst Play in the History of Rainbow Six Siege

I may be a tough cookie but not a smart cookie still ea shield champs disfigure - blank Say something I'm giving up on you Another bites the...

Clash Smoke Combo in Rainbow Six Siege

This combo was more work than it should have been. We weren't patient enough so we started chasing people. Disfigure - blank

AFK Alibi Trick in Rainbow Six Siege (Alpha Pack Opening)

The most genius play in the game! Should be able to upload another video tomorrow. If not then will be on monday. Look out for...

The Best Tachanka Strat in Rainbow Six Siege

Credit Macie Jay for the first chanka spot. Some clips were recorded with my ps4 so the quality is bad. I got my new...

No More Recruits in Rainbow Six Siege

That's right there are no More (afk) Recruits in rainbow six siege. I think we will all miss the AFK recruit but the new...

Corner Trapping Teamates in Rainbow Six Siege

Grim Sky is looking good so far.

BEST Way to Play GRIM SKY in Rainbow Six Siege

Glad to be back on Ps4 after a few bans a week ago. I was planning on getting a new Laptop so I would...

Monty Vs. Clash in Rainbow Six Siege

1 week away until Grim Sky! disfigure - blank

Clash C4 Bait in Rainbow Six Siege (TS Gameplay)

Clash is the most beautiful bald operator in the game srry pulse :( disfigure - blank

Spawnrush w/ Clash in Rainbow Six Siege (TTS Gameplay)

Clash is the best thing to happen to this game bruv new season is looking good! disfigure - blank