The Toxic Life Of Jäger

Jager Mains, The one thing you should be afraid of in this game 0_o

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– Upload schedule has been getting worse and worse as I continue making these videos. It’s going to change now, I’m going to try my best to post more often. At least 2 videos per week. I was away during Spring Break and I couldn’t play so I had the help of my friend LiquidSMORC get me some clips with Jager. When I got back I got some Clips of my own and just meshed the two together into one montage so thanks Liquid for the help. (^_^)

Songs used in the Video:
– Levi Niha & Dolan Dark – Not So What

– Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (FULL)

– CaptainComedy – Everyone’s World Summit

– Super Mario 3D World theme (Yoshi’s Island SNES remix)

– My Longest Core Ever

Outro Song:
– a-ha – Take On Me (Milkshake’s Silly DnB Mix)

Thanks for watching!


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