How 2 Twitch

Twitch wants Pizza Time.

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– Twitch is really fun to play, her Famas melts everyone in sight and her shotgun is OP (no love for DMR lol). Anyways, I’m sorry for taking forever to upload recently. I’ve been busy with school and other real life stuff. Now I’m going away for Spring Break, hopefully I have enough clips to make another video. I will let everyone know my situation as it evolves. Thank you for watching! (^_^)

Songs used in the Video:
– Yuck Fu & Daft Punk – Ninjas Everywhere

– Metal Gear Solid OST : Encounter

– The Munchables – Panic Restaurant

– Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say

– Party In Backyard ft. Donald Trump – Bigger Better Stronger (Remix)

– Mute City – F-Zero

Outro Song:
– XXXTENTACION – Look At Me! (Prod. ROJAS & Jimmy Duval)


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