TRICK BAIT + AIM PRAC – Rainbow Six Siege

In this gameplay i use the “fast vault trick” to bait an enemy on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell. Also in the end of the video i just throw some aim prac. Let me know if i should keep doing this or no.
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Aspect: 16:9
Sensitivity: 20/20
Res: 1920X1080
FOV: 90
ADS: 77
DPI: 800
default multiplier.
dafault windows 6/11.

✔️️PC specs:
-motherboard MSI Z170M MORTAR
-Font XGX TS 750watts

-Mouse : Zowie ZA13
-Headphone : HyperX RevolveR / JBL purebass (intra auricular)
-Mousepad : Razer Goliathus
-Keyboard : Blackwidow Ultimate
-Monitor : BenqXL2420z

♪ music by :


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