Platinum Limbo

I’m stuck, I’m stuck in a very bad place and I can’t get out. Plz help.

Here are some of my links if you want to follow them.

-I’m legit stuck in Platinum rank, I’ve been grinding Rank since the beginning of this season and ever since I hit Plat 3 I’ve been in an endless loop of going to Plat 3-1. Some clips was from the Elo glitch but I had to include some clips of that because that was a game breaking glitch for the longest time in ranked. (Even though it’s patched now, thank god) Anyways, Someone carri meh to diamond. Thanks :3

Songs used in Video:
Filthy Frank – I Am Beautiful [insecurity intensifies]

In The End (Official Video) – Linkin Park

Seinfeld Theme (EarRape Edition)

Outro Song:
onigiri – PINK GUY


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