THIS is the NEW IQ – Fast and Aggressive – Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell

Highlights of ranked games in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell including a lot of the new IQ (or I.Q.) content. I tried to use my grenades as much as possible and I have to say that they are actually great at flanking. They are awesome at digging someone out of a good position and then opening a wall to get a good angle on the site. I really like the new IQ and there will surely be more of her in my future videos ;D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 400k!!! less than a month ago we hit 300k and today, 400k… The growth on the channel is ridiculous and I have never been this motivated and happy to keep going forward. Thank you SO MUCH for the support and welcome to all of the new subscribers 😉 (ALL RANKED)

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