Interview with ESL caster Verdipwnz: Six Invitational preview – They will win it!


Hi Marius, or Verdipwnz as we all know you as.

To kick things off. Could you please tell everybody a little bit about yourself and what you do for those who don’t know?

Hello I am Marius „verdipwnz“ Lauer I am a Caster / Analyst for Rainbow Six Siege. I am 32 Years old and playing games since I got an Amiga back in the days.

I started casting back when Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium wars was a thing. After that I could never stop it.

So, we are closing in on the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament ever. The Six Invitational will take place in Montréal February 3-5 and will have a massive $200 000 prize pool. Since your one of the best analysts out there we need to ask you some quick questions.

They will win the Six Invitational PC final

If we start by looking at the PC tournament we have Continuum, GiFu, eRa, Euronics, Envy and Santos Dexterity. What team do you think is the team that really can surprise other teams and us viewers?

I think Euronics will Surprise us if they do not choke as they usually do. I am interested to see Envy and Santos Dexterity on an international soil. I casted Envy a lot and they play a very brutal fast game. But I can’t compare their strats to the more experienced offline teams as GiFu Coninuum eRa and ofc Euronics. From my PoV I see some big upset potential in every matchup that is coming.

It’s a hard question. But if you need to pick a final and a winner. What teams would you pick?

This is a tough one. I’d Pick GiFu, Euronics or Continuum and maybe Santos Dexterity. Let’s say GiFu – Santos Dexterity in the final and Santos Dexterity as winner (because of the BR mentality they do not let themselves down. GiFu is known to choke at some point)

I saw eRa in the Close qualifiers and they have been counter banned in maps. They had to play a very loose public style play. If the teams now do the same -> GG for them.

Envy has been casted a lot so there is a lot of material out there from them to learn about so I think they can be conterstrated a lot. To Explain my picks:

GiFu: They got the direct invite so no one knows how and what they will play. Good conditions for them

Continuum: Current Proleague Champion with a minor roster change then acquiring King George they also got a direct invite to the show and same goes for them.

Euronics: The closed qualifier, Euronics had beaten EVERY team in the qualifier. They started with a week 3 mapper against gBots where they could win the match 2:1 and then they just flew over the upper bracked into the invitational slot.

Santos Dexterity: Well they won a lot of the LATAM competitions and their strats are sick. Also, the player mentality is dangerous to everyone else. They work hard for their matches. They also work hard on their own imagine and they want to prove their worth! So, I can’t wait to see them perform!

They will win the Six Invitational Xbox final

On Xbox we have Instinct, Team Vitality, Lethal, Lucky8, Dex.UNITED and MindFreak. Same questions. What team do you think can be the big surprise?

Lethal & Lucky8 … lucky 8 being a ps4 team and switching to the Xbox defeating supremacy… lethal being just amazing in the qualifiers. So, I think they are having the most potential. But always the boiz from Vitality … sick… well there goes my 3rd team.

And if you must pick a final and a winner. What’s your pick?
Lucky8 vs Vitality winner Vitatilty (because the lineup is just sick)

What we can expect

We saw a lot of interesting strategy’s and new things during the Six Invitational qualifiers. Do you think we will see even more new strategies now during the finals? If you had to guess what is the next progression or trend that you think will come next?

I do not think that we will see more strats on attacks the meta shifts more into defensive strats and maybe different positions. Attacks are becoming on the one hand fast -> Oregon B execute or a quick a hatch drop execute. Or a slow pick based play with calculations for the shot caller.

I wonder what teams will put up on defensive. I think we will see lots of mistakes due to excitement and punishes. But also, better teamplay and better communication from the teams this will be some new gameplay as people will start to have more frag refrag / support positioning.

We have a lot of news around the competitive side of Rainbow Six Siege ahead of season 2. Part of this is that the Pro League now only will be for PC and that both Xbox and PlayStation get Go4 and a new Major League. Also, a more semi-pro PC Challenger League. What’s you comment on this? Was this the right thing to do?

Well I do not want to upset anyone. But imho 1 game on 3 platforms and having a Pro League is no good. Based on numbers I think going PC pro league and major setup for Xbox and PS is amazing.

Also, other Tournament hoster will ofc pickup r6 so there will be a lot of competition out there. I also think the setup of a challenger league next to the pro league is way better to thinner the skill gab between the amateurs and the pros. So, I think this is the right thing to do.

Big thanks for the interview. We look forward to seeing you in future broadcasts.

You can find Verdipwnz on Twitter and Twitch here below:

Here below is the schedule for the event



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